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Welcome to Risk Group

A Global Risk Think Tank Organization

Risk Group is an independent, non-partisan, pro-active, and participatory Global Risk Think- Tank organization addressing the risks, issues, obstacles, and challenges facing nations: its governments, industries, organizations, and academia (NGIOA).

This emerging participatory think-tank conducts global risk research-- that provides much-needed global risk forum-- to anchor collective risk intelligence, for a futuristic governance role of nations: its governments, industries, organizations, and academia in an emerging Global Age.

The complexity of global risks is increasing at a rapid pace. Amidst that, every nation: its governments, industries, organizations, and academia needs timely, accurate, targeted and meaningful risk intelligence. To meet this demand, Risk Group research will publish relevant Global NGIOA risk intelligence reports that will offer a new manner of thinking and vision. Today, more than ever nations require a substantially new manner of thinking and approach to survive and prosper in a tumultuous global age. Risk Group is a place that will help create a new collective NGIOA vision for the Global Age.

To help shape the future of the Global Age and Global Age vision, Risk Group is committed to engage nations: its governments, industries, organizations and academia in a constructive, meaningful dialogue about Global Risks. This emerging Global Risk Think Tank is for all global NGIOA stakeholders. Get involved in Global Risk Research and Global Affairs.

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