Applications of Blockchain Technology

Ron Quaranta, Chairman of Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, participates in Risk Roundup to discuss “Applications of Blockchain Technology”.



The deep-rooted rigid boundaries of nations: its government, industries, organizations and academia (NGIOA) seems to be tumbling as digitization is re-writing the rules of competition and collaboration. With the tumbling of boundaries, the digital disruption is on its way to re-shaping the global systems faster than perhaps any force in the entire human history. This is mainly due to advances in technologies like blockchain.

The promise and potential of blockchain technology seems to have energized individuals and entities across nations: its government, industries, organizations and academia (NGIOA). The simple reason behind this is perhaps because blockchain technology shows us how to effectively transition to a digital global age.

As the blockchain technology re-defines and re-configures the global NGIOA infrastructure and systems across cyberspace, geospace and space (CGS), it is beginning to envisage how the global systems of a digital global age would look in the coming years.

When entities across NGIOA acknowledges blockchain technology as one of the most disruptive innovations since the dawn of the internet, it is important to understand and evaluate what kind of transformation is imminent as the blockchain technology begins to get tested, developed and applied extensively across nations.

There is no doubt that blockchain is revolutionary and will upset the very fiber of the systems and services across NGIOA. While blockchain provides its own distributed, transparent record-keeping, leverages real-time trust among the participants and balances the information flow between senders and receivers, it fundamentally reduces the need for intermediaries because of its shared and trusted environment. However, blockchain needs collaboration to succeed. But collaboration and cooperation are not in the very fabric of nations. How will that be overcome? While blockchains are causing a technology revolution, it is important to understand and evaluate what else is necessary to transition to a digital global age.

Time is now to talk about “Applications of Blockchain Technology”!

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About the Guest

Ron Quaranta – Founder and Chairman of Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, is a recognized expert in the area of blockchain innovation, particularly its impact on the world of financial markets. Ron has over 25 years of experience in the financial services and technology sectors, and currently serves as Chairman of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, a non-profit trade association promoting the education and adoption of blockchain technology across financial markets. Prior to this, Ron served as CEO of DerivaTrust Technologies, a pioneering software and communications provider of secure transaction and information platforms for financial market participants. Before this he held a variety of senior roles at Thomson Reuters, the global news and information firm, culminating as Global Head of Trading Analytics.

About the Host of Risk Roundup
Jayshree Pandya (née Bhatt) is a visionary leader, who is working passionately with imagination, insight and boldness to achieve “Global Peace through Risk Management”. It is her strong belief that collaboration between and across nations: its government, industries, organizations and academia (NGIOA) will be mutually beneficial to all—for not only in the identification and understanding of critical risks facing one nation, but also for managing the interconnected and interdependent risks facing all nations. She calls on nations to build a shared sense of identity and purpose, for how the NGIOA framework is structured will determine the survival and success of nations in the digital global age. She sees the big picture, thinks strategically and works with the power of intentionality and alignment for a higher purpose—for her eyes are not just on the near at hand but on the future of humanity!
At Risk Group, Jayshree is defining the language of risks and currently developing thought leadership, researching needed practices, tools, framework and systems to manage the “strategic and shared risks” facing nations in a “Global Age”. She believes that cyberspace cannot be secured if NGIOA works in silo within and across its geographical boundaries. As cyber-security requires an integrated NGIOA approach with a common language, she has recently launched “cyber-security risk research center” that will merge the boundaries of “geo-security, cyber-security and space-security”.
Previously, she launched and managed “Risk Management Matters”, an online risk journal and one of the first risk publications, publishing “Industry Risk Reports of Biotechnology, Energy, Healthcare, Nanotechnology, and Natural Disasters” over the course of five years. Jayshree’s inaugural book, “The Global Age: NGIOA @ Risk”, was published by Springer in 2012.

About Risk Roundup

“Risk Roundup” is an “integrated strategic security risk dialogue” for nations: its government,  industries, organizations and academia (NGIOA) in cyberspace, geospace and space (CGS).Risk Roundup is released in both audio (Podcast) and video (Webcast) format and is available for subscription at (Risk Group WebsiteiTunesGoogle PlayStitcher RadioAndroid, and Risk Group Professional Social Media).

About Risk Group
Risk Group believes that risk management, security and peace walk together hand in hand. Though security is related to management of threats and peace to the management of conflict, risk management is related to management of security vulnerabilities as well as management of conflict, and it is not possible to conceive any one of the three without the existence of the other two. All three concepts feed into each other. Risk Group believes that the security we build for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured for everyone across nations. Tradition becomes our security-so if we build a culture of managing risks effectively it will lead us to security and security will lead us to peace!

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