Blockchain & Machine Learning Based Content Platform

Travis Garland, CEO of DeepSee based in United States participates in Risk Roundup to discuss Blockchain & Machine Learning Powered Content Platform.



Connected computers, information, communication and digitization technologies has connected individuals and entities across nations: its government, industries, organizations and academia (NGIOA). The growing digital connectivity is creating an ever-increasing demand for information and digital content that is credible, transparent, verifiable, payable and accessible.

While social media is no longer ignored and individuals and entities across nations: its government, industries, organizations and academia (NGIOA) are getting ready to benefit from the changing fundamentals of content creation and communication, the reality remains that managing content in cyberspace is much more complex than in geospace. To meet the complex challenges facing digital content creation and distribution, there are many on-going efforts to the content distribution, monetization, verification and aggregation process powered by blockchain and artificial intelligence. It is important to evaluate existing and emerging content platforms .

Social Media

Amidst the onslaught of information from countless sources from across nations, social media users are trying to get informed and involved for the causes that matter to them. While social media is becoming an integral part of personal and professional life for individual and entities across NGIOA, there is a growing concern that, the distribution of digital content continues to be controlled by a select few who controls the digital social media today.

As individuals and entities across NGIOA witness democratization of information and connectivity, there is a growing concern that the discovery, distribution, and democracy of content remains a problem. As a result, the integrity of social networks everywhere is being challenged as they continue to be troubled by problems involving accessibility, censorship, quality, credibility, authenticity, system gaming, verifiability, and so much more.

It is important to evaluate further:

  • What rules, regulations, guidelines and moderation follows on social networks?
  • How can technology help the content distribution?
  • How can content creators ensure their content gets distributed but also gets identified and monetized?
  • Since social networks are covered with bots, fake profiles, and power of money that inflates numbers and damage the integrity of the well “liked” content, how can technology help manage the problem?
  • How to create a platform that doesn’t marginalize the user based on their topic of interest or format?
  • How to ensure that social media users are not marginalized irrespective of their ideology, religion, skin color, preferences and origin?


In a digital global age, “content” in all its forms is increasingly being viewed as both the commodity, currency and a collateral. Since the advances in information, communication and digitization technologies has brought nations immediate global communication, the speed and ease of instant global communication has brought everyone across NGIOA a capacity for infinite reproduction of the “content” in a matter of just few minutes. As a result, it has now become very easy to separate the digital creation in all its forms from its creator, irrespective of geographical location. It is important to evaluate further-

  • Can blockchain manage the complex problem of separation of digital content creation from its creator?
  • How would blockchain be able to change “content creation and collaboration”?
  • How would a blockchain-machine learning based platform for “content management” fill the gaps to the current challenges?
  • How to build an effective and credible platform to help “content creators” and collaborators produce, protect, monetize, and manage their creations?
  • How to enable more efficient and frictionless use of content where creators are rewarded appropriately?
  • How would blockchain-machine learning technology transform the rights management for creative works?
  • How would blockchain technology help monetization for individual creators’ creation on internet?
  • How would blockchain empower creators for collaboration?


It seems that, with the advent of modern telecommunication technologies, the process of disintermediation began at the level of both content production and distribution. Moreover, digital technologies not only reduced the costs of producing and reproducing content in a digitized format, but also enabled everyone across NGIOA to engage in the dissemination of such content on a global scale, in an affordable and accessible manner. It is important to evaluate further-

  • Where is it going?
  • What are the current challenges with the distribution of the digital content online?
  • Which technology companies are leading in this effort of re-designing the creative content collaboration system?
  • What is the status on blockchain scalability?
  • Have the blockchain based creative content system already tested in real time?
  • How soon we will see the blockchain based creative content platform transferring creative content in real time?
  • What are the technical/non-technical challenges of application of blockchain and machine learning to creative content platform?
  • What are the obstacles that needs to be overcome for the adoption of blockchain-machine learning technology platform?


Blockchain and machine learning technology continues to redefine how nation: its government, industries, organizations and academia (NGIOA) need to operate in a digital global age. While the potential of blockchain and machine learning technology is immense; we need to identify, evaluate and manage the complex challenges associated with re-defining and re-designing of the systems at all levels.

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About the Guest

Travis Garland, is the CEO of DeepSee and is based in United States. He is an experienced entrepreneur, growth marketer, and technology guru from software development to machine learning and artificial intelligence research. He is currently working on all all-in-one media platform called where they are disrupting the content distribution, monetization, verification and aggregation process with the help from blockchain and artificial intelligence.

About the Host of Risk Roundup
Jayshree Pandya (née Bhatt) is a visionary leader, who is working passionately with imagination, insight and boldness to achieve Global Peace through Risk Management. It is her strong belief that collaboration between and across nations: its government, industries, organizations and academia (NGIOA) will be mutually beneficial to all—for not only in the identification and understanding of critical risks facing one nation, but also for managing the interconnected and interdependent risks facing all nations. She calls on nations to build a shared sense of identity and purpose, for how the NGIOA framework is structured will determine the survival and success of nations in the digital global age. She sees the big picture, thinks strategically and works with the power of intentionality and alignment for a higher purpose—for her eyes are not just on the near at hand but on the future of humanity!
At Risk Group, Jayshree is defining the language of risks and currently developing thought leadership, researching needed practices, tools, framework and systems to manage the “strategic and shared cyber-security, geo-security and space-security risks facing nations today in a digital global age. She believes that the contested commons of cyberspace or space cannot be secured if NGIOA works in silo within and across its geographical boundaries in cyberspace, geospace and space. As security requires an integrated NGIOA approach with a common language, she has launched cyber-security, geo-security and space-security risk research centers that will merge the boundaries of geo-security, cyber-security and space-security.
Previously, she launched and managed “Risk Management Matters”, an online risk journal and one of the first risk publications, publishing “Industry Risk Reports of Biotechnology, Energy, Healthcare, Nanotechnology, and Natural Disasters” over the course of five years. Jayshree’s inaugural book, “The Global Age: NGIOA @ Risk”, was published by Springer in 2012.

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