Drone Applications

Ryan English, the President of Flymotion Unmanned Systems, a drone technology solution company based in United States, participates in Risk Roundup to discuss Drone Applications.


As traditional surveillance techniques are normally limited by the stationary nature of the camera and its manual, slow and complex operations; the realistic potential of aerial surveillance using unmanned aircraft systems (commonly known as UAVs or drones), provides much needed and simple solutions to the on-going complex challenges faced by the traditional surveillance techniques and technology.

The UAVs or drone surveillance today gives nations an easier, faster, affordable, accessible and effective method of data collection.

It is therefore no surprise that the drone Industry is anticipating tremendous growth in the coming years as not only governments and military but also industries as diverse as energy, agriculture, insurance, media, real estate are expected to begin adopting drone technology, if they are not already doing so.

From pizza delivery to package delivery, from residential security to critical infrastructure security, from inspection to investigation, from spying to surveillance, to search and rescue and more, drones are emerging today to play a critical role for nations: its government, industries, organizations and academia (NGIOA).

It is important that we evaluate, the existing and emerging drone applications and its ecosystem:

  • What are the trends for developing drone applications?
  • How big is the drone industry?
  • Are all nations using drones?
  • Who is selling security and surveillance drones? Who are different players?
  • Where are drones used currently for?
  • What kind of missions and activities drones will be able to carry out, that we cannot do with the current technologies?
  • How will drone usage revolutionize the security industry?
  • What different size drones are available? What are they made of?
  • Will we always have to use operators to fly drones and relay data to the ground? What about automated drone applications? Where are we?
  • How are drones powered?
  • What is the future of drones?

While drones or UAVs seem to be here to stay, it is important to evaluate the framework of rules for drone manufacturers, sellers, and operators, as the very safety and security of each one of us is at play here.

Time is now to talk about the existing and emerging drone applications!

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About the Guest

Mr. English is President and Co-founder of FLYMOTION located in Tampa, Florida. FLYMOTION is an industry leader in providing innovative unmanned system solutions, technology integration and services for clients globally. FLYMOTION works with industries such as Department of Defense, Public Safety, Security, Oil & Gas, Energy, Agriculture, Education, Media & Broadcasting and more. Mr. English is responsible for the strategic growth and implementing the business strategy vision of FLYMOTION. Mr. English also leverages his extensive network to strengthen client and strategic business partner relationships. Mr. English works with a dedicated team to develop solutions that set the future trends for the unmanned system industry. Mr. English has developed a reputation for excellence that results in increased demand and the expansion of its business. Mr. English was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and it was there that he developed the passion for technology and drive for entrepreneurship. He enjoys international travel, motorcycles and sports cars.

About the Host of Risk Roundup
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Previously, she launched and managed “Risk Management Matters”, an online risk journal and one of the first risk publications, publishing “Industry Risk Reports of Biotechnology, Energy, Healthcare, Nanotechnology, and Natural Disasters” over the course of five years. Jayshree’s inaugural book, “The Global Age: NGIOA @ Risk”, was published by Springer in 2012.

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Risk Roundup, a global initiative launched by Risk Group, is an integrated cyberspace, geospace, and space (CGS) security risk dialogue for individuals and entities across nations: its government, industries, organizations and academia (NGIOA).

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