Drone Security Risks

Egbert Oostburg, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Drone Aviator, a software development firm providing cyber security technology to the growing UAV industry participates in Risk Roundup to discuss Drone Security Risks.


An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone, is on its way to becoming smaller, faster, accessible, and affordable. From pizza delivery to package delivery, from residential security to critical infrastructure security, from spying to surveillance and more, drones are emerging today to play a critical role for individual and entities across nations: its government, industries, organizations and academia (NGIOA).

While the rapid democratization of UAVs or drones brings many opportunities for individuals and entities across NGIOA, it also brings numerous complex challenges and concerns. The question is whether individuals or entities across NGIOA are prepared for the rise of drones in their operational ecosystem? It is important that we evaluate the complex security challenges of UAVs or Drones:

  • What is UAVs changing and where is this emerging drone industry going?
  • Where are drones used currently? In the coming years, what kind of missions and activities drones are expected to carry out?
  • Why is drone (UAVS) support important for nations?
  • What are surveillance drones? Why is there such a rapid growth in the demand for surveillance drones or UAVs?
  • How are drones used for security? Where are they used?
  • Are drone security guard more effective than human guards? Are they ready to patrol?
  • How will drone usage revolutionize the security industry
  • Who is manufacturing and selling security drones?
  • How will cybersecurity challenges be addressed?
  • What kind of security measures are available in case of major system failure for drones when flying over populated areas?
  • Will there be kill switches in drones?
  • How will we manage the security risks of drones in the hands of criminals and terrorists?
  • Do current privacy laws deal with camera mounted drones?
  • How is convergence of machine learning with drones influencing security?
  • Will drones replace the alarm systems?
  • What are the regulatory concerns?
  • Drone regulations and security issues are constantly changing. How should drone owners keep up?
  • Are the drones threat to national security?
  • Is there a possibility of drone warfare?
  • How widely are micro drones used?
  • There is a growing concern about drone accessibility. Is there a need for managing accessibility to drones? How would we determine the process to decide who gets access to drones?
  • Is there any security framework for drones?

Drones or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) seem to be here to stay! However, rushing to develop applications of drone technology without understanding the complex security risks can result in many complex challenges for which we perhaps are not prepared for.

It is important that we understand the risks associated with the drones or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

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About the Guest

Mr. Egbert Oostburg is the founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Drone Aviator, a seed‐stage software development firm that provides cyber security technology to the growing drone industry.   He serves on the San Diego UAS FAA Safety Team as an ambassador and chairs the Robotics and Automation Society for IEEE in the San Diego region.  Oostburg has served on advisory boards of several companies including Foneclay, Koinoia Labs, Bible Belles, and Trinity Equity Partners.  Prior to Drone Aviator, Oostburg served as a surface warfare officer onboard aircraft carrier USS Constellation and deployed with ACU‐5 Swift Intruders as division OIC for the Pacific Command.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Oostburg ran several product lines for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in the Western Region.  He also founded an app development company and real estate brokerage.    Egbert has a BA in Economics from University of New Mexico, MA in Project Management from Villanova University and an MBA from Thunderbird School of International Management at ASU.

About the Host of Risk Roundup
Jayshree Pandya (née Bhatt) is a visionary leader, who is working passionately with imagination, insight and boldness to achieve “Global Peace through Risk Management”. It is her strong belief that collaboration between and across nations: its government, industries, organizations and academia (NGIOA) will be mutually beneficial to all—for not only in the identification and understanding of critical risks facing one nation, but also for managing the interconnected and interdependent risks facing all nations. She calls on nations to build a shared sense of identity and purpose, for how the NGIOA framework is structured will determine the survival and success of nations in the digital global age. She sees the big picture, thinks strategically and works with the power of intentionality and alignment for a higher purpose—for her eyes are not just on the near at hand but on the future of humanity!
At Risk Group, Jayshree is defining the language of risks and currently developing thought leadership, researching needed practices, tools, framework and systems to manage the “strategic and shared risks” facing nations in a “Global Age”. She believes that cyberspace cannot be secured if NGIOA works in silo within and across its geographical boundaries. As cyber-security requires an integrated NGIOA approach with a common language, she has recently launched “cyber-security risk research center” that will merge the boundaries of “geo-security, cyber-security and space-security”.
Previously, she launched and managed “Risk Management Matters”, an online risk journal and one of the first risk publications, publishing “Industry Risk Reports of Biotechnology, Energy, Healthcare, Nanotechnology, and Natural Disasters” over the course of five years. Jayshree’s inaugural book, “The Global Age: NGIOA @ Risk”, was published by Springer in 2012.

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