Genomic Medicine

Dr. Dave Moskowitz, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of GenoMed, Inc based in United States participates in Risk Roundup to discuss Genomic Medicine.


The promise of Genomic Medicine is here!

It seems across nations, thousands of individuals are already being diagnosed, treated, or having their treatment changed, based on the information gathered from their individual genome. This is possible due to the advances in technology and speed of DNA sequencing and analysis, which now permits near real-time disease diagnosis, helping it to move it into the clinical workflow and decision-making process.

The increasing availability of thousands of genomic tests for disease diagnosis, several targeted drug therapies and use of pharmacogenomic data for drug and dosage selection implies that genomics is on its way to getting integrated into healthcare delivery model across many nations. This brings us the real potential to change healthcare from being reactive care to truly preventive care that is personalized.

Let us evaluate this further:

  • What is the current state of diagnostic genomics?
  • How is genomics impacting healthcare?
  • How will it shape healthcare in the coming years?
  • How is healthcare industry viewing genomic medicine?
  • Where are the opportunities?
  • Is the human genetic research data sufficient to understand human diseases so far?
  • What are the current challenges with genome interpretation for disease diagnosis?
  • Where has the progress been made when it comes to human disease genomics?
  • What technological advances has changed or transformed our ability for human disease genomics?
  • How to incorporate genomics into healthcare delivery? What impact will it have on healthcare delivery?
  • What are the key enablers of genomics to integrate in the delivery of healthcare?
  • What are the challenges in diagnosing diseases?
  • What is the state of diagnosis of complex diseases?
  • What advantages genome scale technologies have brought human healthcare?
  • Which diseases and its associated genes are targeted for genomic medicine?
  • What role current state of healthcare system plays in enabling genomic medicine?
  • How close is genomic medicine to becoming a routine part of modern medicine?
  • What will the success of genomic medicine depend on?
  • Do we know enough about human DNA to have effective approach to genomic medicine?
  • Do we have effective ability to interpret genomes today?


Privacy and Security are critical if Genomic Medicine is to successfully integrate in to healthcare. Time is now to discuss Genomic Medicine Risks and Rewards!

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About the Guest

Dr. Dave Moskowitz MD is a Nephrologist and Founder, CEO, and Chief Medical Officer of GenoMed Inc ( ).

Genomed, a Next Generation DM(tm) company (DM = Disease Management), is a patient-friendly company which does business over the Internet. They use cutting-edge, genomics-based medicine to lower healthcare costs and consider themselves pioneers in preventive molecular medicine.

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