Global Initiatives

Risk Group Global Initiatives

Building Strategic Security Risk Community

Risk Group is promoting open source triangular linkages of risk management, security and global peace. What it means is that we are fundamentally welcoming the formation, participation and growth of an active and vibrant strategic security risk community that would actively promote Risk Group’s vision, mission, philosophy and approach while simultaneously creating cyberspace, geospace and space (CGS) security risk knowledge content for the strategic security risk intelligence initiative.

Developing The Collective Risk Intelligence

The collective cyberspace, geospace and space (CGS) security Risk Intelligence process is a survival necessity for individuals and entities across nations: its government, industries, organizations and academia (NGIOA).

Risk Group’s integrated CGS Risk Intelligence process is our unique method for gathering and processing cyberspace, geospace and space (CGS) security risk information which is founded on the fundamentals of security centric integrated CGS risk management framework.

Creating Security Risks Education and Awareness

Risk Roundup: Webcast/Podcast, a global education and awareness initiative launched by Risk Group, is an integrated cyberspace, geospace, and space (CGS) security risk dialogue for individuals and entities across nations: its government, industries, organizations and academia (NGIOA). Risk Roundup is directly trying to promote and enhance CGS risk intelligence by collective participation of decision makers from across NGIOA.

As Risk Roundup: Webcast/Podcast gives us an ability to easily create, store, retrieve, communicate, share CGS risk information, predominantly in digital format through connected computers and internet, it allows for it to be shared without difficulty within and across NGIOA. Thus, through interaction with Risk Roundup: Webcast/ Podcast; CGS security risk knowledge, information and intelligence easily passes between individuals and entities across NGIOA, educating and raising awareness of critical risks impacting each one of us. The use of Risk Roundup dialogue, promotes digital interaction and distribution of CGS security risks knowledge within, between and across NGIOA users.

Risk Roundup: Webcast/Podcast is available for subscription at (Risk Group WebsiteiTunesGoogle PlayStitcher RadioAndroid, and Risk Group Professional Social Media).

Defining Blockchain based Security Centric Integrated Cyberspace, Geospace and Space (CGS) Security Risk Management Framework

The underlying premise of Risk Group’s Security-centric CGS Risk Management Framework (B-CGS-RM) is that, in the interconnected and interdependent digital global age, no individual or entity within any NGIOA can effectively manage their cyberspace, geospace, and space (CGS) security* risks independently. Even if an individual or entity manages its private and internal security risks independently, the interconnected and interdependent CGS security risks facing them will undermine the isolated and independent risk management effort and program, and make the entity vulnerable to catastrophic events from CGS.