Risk Group Celebrates 100 Episodes of Risk Roundup

Risk Group is celebrating!

As we celebrate 100 episodes of Risk Roundup, we are proud to recognize Risk Roundup participants, fans, followers and well-wishers who have joined Risk Group mission to help create education and awareness of the critical security risks emerging from cyberspace, geospace and space.

Today, as we recorded our 100th episode, the Risk Group team took the opportunity to pause, to look back on the journey, and to appreciate the full scope of what we’ve achieved. We have a lot to be grateful for.

We launched Risk Roundup in November 2015 with a simple premise: we wanted to battle the silos that are deeply embedded in the global fabric. These silos prevent nations, their governments, industries, organizations, and academia (NGIOA) from making effective strategic security decisions.

Since November 2015, Risk Group Founder, Jayshree Pandya PhD, has been initiating conversations on everything about security on Risk Roundup. The Risk Roundup topics have been as diverse as the guests who participated to share their expertise. From cyber-security to geo-security to space-security, we have discussed people, processes, tools and technologies: blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, cloud computing, information-security, data-security, science of intelligence: human intelligence to computational intelligence, collective intelligence to synthetic biology, healthcare to regenerative medicine, cyber-security risks to cyber-security risk management framework and so much more.

In this rapidly growing security risk dialogue, Risk Roundup invites global viewers and listeners behind the video/audio podcasting curtain to watch/listen how persuasion and triangular linkages between risk management, security and peace comes together each week.

The backbone to this rapidly growing dialogue has been our cyber-security, geo-security and space- security risk research centers, which are bolstered by our growing research initiatives.

We feel incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished and humbled by the trust that has been bestowed on us. As we continue to expand our presence, with new ideas, innovations, initiatives, participation, collaboration and following, we firmly believe that it is possible to discuss complex big problems and to find sensible solutions by collective participation of each individual and entity across NGIOA.

Looking back at the first 100 episodes, we are satisfied that we achieved a large percentage of what we hoped to achieve. I’d personally like to thank all of you for your ongoing support. With the next 100 rapidly approaching, we know that our work has only just began. We’ve got ambitious plans to further grow our initiative on Global Peace Through Risk Management.

Gratitude flows for hundreds of thousands of Risk Roundup fans and followers who have tuned in to watch/listen Risk Roundup. Has Risk Roundup helped you understand any risk better? Let us know.

Thanks for joining the conversation.


Jayshree Pandya, Ph. D