Space Security Risk Research Center

Space Security Risk Research is about identifying, understanding, evaluating and managing the strategic security risks arising from space due to the growing space exploration and the increasing connectivity of the space initiatives with cyberspace and geospace.

Space-Security Risk Research Center will develop strategic security abilities to:

  • Identify, evaluate and manage the strategic security risks facing NGIOA from Space
  • Discuss, debate and define necessary framework, structure, processes, tools and technologies to manage the security risks of not only the digital global age but also of the coming Space Age
  • Integrate and coordinate, risk management and governance framework at all levels within and across nations for managing CGS strategic security risks facing NGIOA amidst the rapidly emerging Space Age.
  • Understanding space security risks is most vital for entities across nations: its government, industries, organizations and academia (NGIOA) to achieve strategic objectives, build, and protect value in cyberspace, geospace and space.

Space Security Risk Research Center will create actionable strategic security risk research and metrics that that would provide independent and actionable risk research intelligence to help entities across NGIOA develop strategic security abilities- abilities to understand the space security risks, strategy to survive and sustain in the most turbulent time brought on due to growing exploration and transformation happening in space.

Space-Security Risk Research Areas: On-Going IN-HOUSE Risk Research

·         Space Exploration ·         Space Mining
·         Nano Satellites ·         Global competition
·         Changing nature of security risks ·         Space Exploration
·         Space Mining ·         Space Travel
·         Space Cities ·         Asteroid Mining
·         Nano-satellites ·         Small Satellites
·         Space Warfare ·         Resource Warfare