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Prof. SP Garg

Jayshree has rich domain expertise in cyber security related risk management.Her organization and synergy with other groups is a big asset in the field.In the present time of complexities and risks from all types, utilization of expertise of experts like Jayshree to tackle the risk dimensions would be big competitive advantage to the organizations.

Prof S P GARGHigher Management Education, Strategy Mgt,Speaker, Banking n Financial Domain expertise

I really enjoyed taking part in Risk Roundup.Dr Jayshree, Well-educated, well-informed, keen intellect and vast experience, Jayshree is a deep strategic thinker with a superb understanding of Global security and Cyber security.

Moji KheyrianDirector

Dr. Jayshree Pandya appears to have the total concept of cyber-security in her sights. Where others fail to realize the full scope and complexity of Cyberspace in regards to individual security crisis on a global scale, Dr. Pandya is merging the boundaries of Geo-Security, Cyber-Security and Space-Security into a single R&D Center to cover these issues. Without qualified individuals taking an initiative such as this, the world will be left to the current failed system of easily hacked computer s… Read more

JL MealerIndependent Candidate for US Senate 2016, Arizona
Gen. Bakshi

Jayshree is dedicated to the cause of promoting cyber security- a vital necessity of our times. She is energetic and her enthusiasm is infectious. i wish her all success in her endeavors

Gagandeep BakhshiEditor at Indian Military Review Magazine
Dr. Shabudeen

Dr Jayshree Panday a futuristic thinker and recently launched Cyber-Security Risk Research Centre, it strongly have the same opinion of Mrs Pandya, that this will definitely merge the boundaries of Geo-Security, Cyber-Security and Space-Security. I appreciates and encourage the efforts made by her I recommend her approachs and efforts on Cyber-Security risks will yield a good security in this internet and cloud computing era,so I sincreley recommend her work and effort to become sustenance for s… Read more

Dr ShabudeenProfessor and Head Chemistry and Env,Sci., at Kumara guru College of Technology,Coimbatore.
Rolando Gomez

One of the most strategic thinker with an insight to reinforce differentiation in her thoughts and ideas. Dr. Jayshree Pandya is one of those person that thinks differently and strategically across her research.

Rolando Antonio GomezGroup Strategic Planning Manager at Advanced Electronics Company

Dr. Jayshree Pandya has taken a rare a refreshing approach to risk in the global digital age.  She understands that the risk is a multi-faceted geopolitical problem.  Her approach using the concept of governments, industries, organizations and academia (NGIOA) in cyberspace-geospace and space (CGS) provides the proper view to consider risk holistically.  I highly recommend that security professionals spend time studying her work to further their understanding of risk

Brian BoboVice President, Enterprise Security
Barry Stevens

Urban legend or not, like Isaac Newton, inspired by an apple falling on his head, my serendipitous connection with Jayshree has enlighten my journey far beyond understanding and managing the risks of a highly digitized world in the confines of my company, TBD America’s, global involvement in clean energy, water resources and radioactive waste decontamination. In terms of these disciplines, Jayshree has clearly demonstrated a command of the macro and micro landscape required for the seamless tr… Read more

Barry Stevens, Ph.DPresident - TBD America, Inc. a global Technology Business Development consulting group
Kurtis ward

Dr. Pandya, as editor-in-chief of Risk Group, was ahead of the curve in bringing together authors in her risk management publication assessing the systemic risks of the OTC derivatives market. One such prophetical warning was contained in her Risk Group’s Sept. 7, 2005 issue, Volume 3 Issue 3.

Kurtis WardGeneral Counsel/Executive V.P. at National Livestock Credit Corp

I enjoyed working with Jayshree as she is a thought leader in the privacy and risk management space. Jayshree’s questions are intelligent, relevant, and important for highlighting areas of risk we have never thought of. I found Jayshree to be highly intelligent and well educated. It was a privilege to be interviewed by Jayshree.

Todd BellCISO

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